IHC online

IHC online

(offered through International House World Organisation)

What is it?

The International House Certificate Online course is a truly unique and practical online initial teacher training program. It is the first online course that gets the IH stamp of approval.


Who is it for?

The IHC is designed for candidates wh

  • have little or no teaching experience and want a recognized qualification
  • former teachers who want to refresh and update before resuming teaching
  • current English teachers who would like or are required to obtain a recognized qualification (it is possible to continue working while taking the course)
  • experienced teachers who would like to develop their language teaching skills

Further information

For further information about the IHC online, please visit http://ihworld.com/online-training/course/ih_certificate_in_teaching_english_online


To be determined. Ask jeff@ihvancouver.com for further details